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Surveying the next seven days with Gilt MAN Fashion Advisor Nick Wooster.

Photo: Matt BarnesEvery week, we sit down with Nick Wooster—our very own in-house style expert and all-around dapper gent—to take a look at what’s on the horizon and call out a few favorites. Here, his take on the cream of the crop for the days ahead.

Burn that Turkey: Workout Shoes and Apparel — Monday, 11/28, noon ET
“Sometimes you have to find the inspiration to work out from an outside source. A great new pair of sneakers or athletic shorts? Might be just what you need to get you back to the gym.”

Oliver Peoples, Mosley Tribes & Paul Smith — Monday, 11/28, noon ET
“I’m a huge fan of Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith, so what better time than this sale to pick up a great pair of sunglasses or new frames? Plus, you can kill two birds with one stone and pick up a gift. Who wouldn’t love a new pair of glasses?”

Riviera Club — Tuesday, 11/29, noon ET
“Derek, Joe, and Greg are three really interesting guys who have really tapped into that cool, Southern Californian vibe. It’s no wonder GQ recognized them for being one of the best menswear designers last year. This is a great way to pick up that SoCal feel.”

PortolanoTuesday, 11/29, noon ET
“The cold weather season is just kicking off, so now is the perfect opportunity to get your pick of the best accessories. This brand is a favorite of top designers and retailers for a reason, and there’s even a glove designed for texting in this sale.”

Marc by Marc Jacobs —Tuesday 11/29, noon ET
“I’m a fan of the entire Marc Jacobs retail empire, and this sale is a chance to get some of the season’s must-have items. Pay special attention to the outerwear and knitwear.”

Jack Spade Accessories and Jack Spade Clothing — Thursday, 12/1, noon ET
“We’ve got both clothing and accessories sales happening separately, and there’s tons of great stuff. I’m a huge fan of Jack Spade and always have been. In particular, if you’re a guy looking for a good bag—and I don’t know any who aren’t—it’s a great opportunity to get the fall’s best looking gear, like oilcloth duffels and the brand’s small leather goods.”

Solé Bicycles — Friday, 12/2, noon ET
“As NY becomes a more cycling-friendly town, the idea of a bike seems really appealing to me. These ones are perfect for New York: Super simple, super basic, but ultimately, super cool. (Plus they’re super well-priced.)”

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