A Cable Knit Sweater

It'll see you comfortably from the bar stool to a garden party. (Oh, and it'll keep you warm, too.)

We don’t think we’re pushing it by saying it’s pretty clear that Great Neck, Long Island and the Aran Islands are pretty different places. But despite their divergence on everything from culture and climate to the prevailing accent, a cable knit sweater plays just as well in either locale. Of course, it did get its start in those rocky islands off the Irish coast, when a group of enterprising lasses decided to use their knitting skills to make some extra scratch and dubbed their version of it with the inaccurate, though persistently popular, moniker of “fisherman’s sweater.” So it makes a lot of sense it’d fit in there. But Gatsby’s West Egg?

Well, that’s the beauty of the thing. Depending on the scale and variety of the knitted patterns—and the fabric, of course—it can be either a piece of hardy outerwear, or something fit for a garden party. And when you get yours, that’s something to keep in mind. Small braids and ribs in fine merino wool or cashmere? You’re in staunchly preppy territory. Feel free to dress the thing up with a blazer, down a cocktail, and brush up on your divot stomping technique. Something in heavy gauge wool with large ribs, braids, and maybe a bit of basketweave in the mix for good measure? Casual, through and through. Pair it with some jeans or cords, a solid pair of work boots, and you’re good to go. And remember: Whether you go for something for the pub or the polo match, just make sure it fits.

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