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Morning Recon: Tyler the Vandal, the Year's Worst Best Movies, and a Little Bit of Holiday Joy

Every day we get up early to scan the web for the best in men's style. And then we go grab a coffee. After that, we sit down and bang out a blog post. Here it is.

Kids these days and their disgusting oversized beetles.

You will either take this news with a complete and utter lack of surprise or aching indifference. That’s what we’re here for.

Read, and pay heed. Wise words of pointed criticism from the mouth of Mr. Dool.

The retrospective you’ve all been waiting for… the year in tacos.

In honor of Christmas Eve Eve, McSweeney’s gives us an accurate and fascinating history of jingle bells.

Grantland gives us five rules for rapping in public. Strangely, “Don’t” isn’t one of them.

GQ deftly tackles the worst movies of the year (that tried). Miranda July haters rejoice.

Monocle boldly suggests doing something this Christmas other than drinking or fighting with family members.



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