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Surveying the next seven days with Gilt MAN Fashion Advisor Nick Wooster.

Every week, we sit down with Nick Wooster—our very own in-house style expert and all-around dapper gent—to take a look at what’s on the horizon and call out a few favorites. Here, his take on the cream of the crop for the days ahead.

Billy Reid — Tuesday, 12/13, noon ET
“Billy’s a great guy, and was the well-deserved winner of the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund prize last year. I’m really excited to see him and his collection meeting with all the success they deserve. And he keeps it going, continuing to impress and inspire a whole range of guys with a take on American clothing that’s modern and historical at the same time.”

Black AppleTuesday, 12/13, noon ET
“NYC-based designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow are part of the CFDA Incubator program, and the guys behind Public School. With Black Apple, they’ve created a streetwear line that’s directly influenced by the city in which they live and work. Expect great items at great prices.”

GANT, GANT Rugger, & GANT by Michael Bastian — Tuesday, 12/13, noon ET
“I used to wear GANT Rugger back in high school, and I continue to love Christopher Bastin’s take on their woven shirts in fabrics like oxford cloth and flannel. He’s really stayed true to the heritage of a great brand. And I’m really happy to see someone as talented as Michael Bastian work on a collection like the one he does for GANT. He’s got so many great ideas, and this fall was some of his best work. The knitwear and outerwear were awesome. To me, you’ve hit the mother lode with this sale.”

CXXVI Clothing Co. — Wednesday, 12/14, noon ET
“They were at Project making things for the show, and they’re really nice young guys making great, authentic American product with a bit of a New England flavor. They even hand engraved a Zippo lighter for me that I carry everyday. This is a sale I’m looking forward to.”

Gilt MAN Finds: Silver Lining Vintage Eyeglasses — Wednesday, 12/14, noon ET
“Jordan Silver combs the world and amasses a treasure trove of amazing vintage glasses frames. To me, it’s a secret weapon, because at the end of the day something you’re not going to find at LensCrafters is always going to up your style game.”

Eastland Shoe Company — Thursday, 12/15, noon ET
“We’ve got an exclusive collection this week from the New England-based, family-owned company—I met the sons and they’re awesome guys—and it’s a great opportunity to get a high-quality pair of handsewn mocs or boots that you’re going to wear for years and years. And I’d recommend you do just that.”

NSF — Thursday, 12/15, noon ET
“Nick S. Friedberg—that’s what the name stands for, not “insufficient funds”—is a real Cali guy who has his feet firmly placed in the casual sportswear world and lives that lifestyle. There’s always a great striped tee, a great jean, or other wardrobe staple. My NSF jeans are my go to when I’m not in RRL.”

Gilt MAN Finds: Terrapin Stationers — Friday, 12/16, noon ET
“Who doesn’t like getting a hand-engraved card with a handwritten note attached? But most guys don’t take the time to say a proper “thank you.” Even if it’s just those two words written on a really nice piece of stationery, it carries a lot of weight. That’s why what these guys do makes the art of sending and receiving a card that much more special.”

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