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Surveying the next seven days with Gilt MAN Fashion Advisor Nick Wooster.

Every week, we sit down with in-house style expert and all-around dapper gent Nick Wooster to take a look at what’s on the horizon and call out a few favorites. Here, his take on the cream of the crop for the days ahead.

Clearance Day — Monday, 12/26, noon ET
“At Gilt we scour the marketplace to find the best brands, items, and deals, and bring them together in a well edited, cohesive way. On Monday, we’re taking that to a whole other level with our clearance sales. It’s a chance to clean up on everything from outerwear, to accessories, to tailored clothing. And because things are segmented out, you have the opportunity to zero in and get the very best deal of the year on exactly what you want.”

Michael Bastian x Randolph Engineering Sunglasses — Monday, 12/26, noon ET
“I’m a huge fan of all things authentic and utilitarian, and Michael Bastian was clever enough to team up with Randolph Engineering—who make all the eyewear for the US armed forces—for this collection. His take on iconic military styles is exactly the kind of thing that I’m always on the lookout for in sunglasses, because at the end of the day, every guy looks great in a pair of aviators.”

Vintage Shoe Company — Tuesday, 12/27, noon ET
“A lot of the street style bloggers have focused on my pairing of a vintage looking shoe with a tailored suit. That’s kind of my style credo: I don’t want everything too perfect. Plus, a distressed boot is the easiest way to brave the elements and look stylish at the same time. These guys still craft everything by hand in the US, and the variety of both boots and shoes in this sale means there’s something that will speak to every style, whether you wear it with a suit or not.”

Belvest — Wednesday, 12/28, noon ET
“Belvest crafts what’s considered one of the finest handmade suits in Italy, and both Prada and Hermès have had their tailored clothing produced by them at various times. This is a really great opportunity to find something beautifully put together — the kind of heirloom quality jacket that you could hand down to your son.”

Inhabit — Friday, 12/30, noon ET
“Inhabit makes perfectly understated cashmere sweaters in neutral, masculine colors and with trim, tailored fits. It’s simple, but the overall effect is exactly what you want from a piece of great knitwear.”

Cold Weather Essentials — Friday, 12/30, noon ET
“I know that you won’t believe this right now, but it really is going to get cold at some point. And there’s nothing worse than that first day where the thermometer reads 18° and you don’t have the right gloves, scarf, or hat. This sale is the perfect way to make sure that doesn’t happen this season.”

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