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Surveying the next seven days with Gilt MAN Fashion Advisor Nick Wooster.

Every week, we sit down with in-house style expert and all-around dapper gent Nick Wooster to take a look at what’s on the horizon and call out a few favorites. Here, his take on the cream of the crop for the days ahead.

American Designer Style — Monday, 1/2, noon ET
“Monday we’re offering a huge crop of the best of American design. There’s something for every taste, so if you look hard, you’re guaranteed to find something great for you. Some of my favorites are Billy Reid, Band of Outsiders, Burkman Bros., Florsheim by Duckie Brown, and Eastland.”

Rag & Bone: Shoes & Accessories — Tuesday, 1/3, noon ET
“Two of the nicest and most talented menswear designers in NY—Marcus Wainwright and David Neville—have created a cult-like following for their brand, Rag & Bone. For me, the first things I always look at in a showroom are the accessories, and on that front, this sale will not disappoint. Look out for some great boots and cold weather accessories.”

Property Of Bags & Accessories — Wednesday, 1/4, noon ET
“I can’t tell you how many people are always looking for a great bag, whether it’s a weekender or something to carry to work. This sale has a great cross-section of styles, as well as smaller accessories like zip-around pouches and wallets.”

Into the Woods: Rugged Apparel and Accessories — Thursday, 1/5, noon ET
“One of my principle rules for getting dressed in the morning is to combine something super tailored with something really rugged. Here’s your opportunity to work on the second half of that equation.”

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