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The Classic Eastland Camp Moc: Upgraded

The New England mainstay’s iconic shoe gets the premium treatment as part of a new, Gilt MAN-exclusive collection.

Many of Eastland’s shoes and boots have remained essentially unchanged for the half-century that’s passed since the Freeport, Maine-based company set up shop back in 1955. But that’s exactly how the folks behind such iconic styles as the Yarmouth, Falmouth, and Seneca like it. And considering their camp mocs have been adopted as the footwear of choice for everyone from modern heritage obsessives to 80s prep-revivalists and, you know, actual campers, it’s pretty clear that the public is on board with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to the classic, handsewn moccasin-inspired styles. Of course, there’s a difference between screwing up a winning formula and taking it to the next level. With a new collection produced exclusively for Gilt MAN and launching tomorrow, Eastland’s definitely gone the latter route, incorporating premium leathers, fully lined interiors, and a slew of never-before-available colorways into a stable of their greatest hits.

Here, we take a look what makes the one-eyelet Yarmouth slip-on camp moc, and how the Eastland team has elevated it to something truly special—piece by piece. It’s the same timeless shoe they’ve been making since the 50s. Only better.

Take a look at the slideshow now, then shop the whole collection tomorrow at noon on Gilt MAN.

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