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What Guys Really Want for the Holidays

Those guys who don’t have a clue what the want to receive this season? Yeah, we know them too. (In fact, some of us are one of them.) And that indecisive streak can put a bit of a kink in getting your gifting plan together. Luckily, we’re here to lend a hand. Just take your pick from any of the categories below—then shop our curated sale—and you can’t go wrong. Don’t say we never did nothing for you.

There’s a reason the idea of the holiday sweater has become such a cliché—it gets cold this time of year. And a good piece of knitwear is a hard to knock on the practicality front. It’s on style front where things can get dicey. Embroidered reindeer? Those are a no go. But subdued patterns and neutral colors are easy hits.

Sunglasses and Eyewear
The sun doesn’t go on break just because the temperature drops. Plus, all guys love a great pair of sunglasses. (Call it the Steve McQueen Aspiration Complex.) And for the already-bespectacled type, a new pair of frames is just an excuse to keep the style going indoors and out.

If he’s the kind of guy who polishes his brogues weekly and stores them with the proper cedar shoe trees, we don’t need to tell you how much he’ll appreciate a new pair. If he’s not, well… turn him into one.

Ladies can go crazy with their shoes all they want. We’ll stick to bold socks. Stripes, argyle, polka dots, and loud colors are all in play, and if we don’t shy away from wearing them, you shouldn’t shy away from giving. Of course, a basic pair in something like cashmere wouldn’t hurt, either.

Bags & Wallets
OK, we get it. Guessing someone’s size can be tricky—and sometimes dangerous. The solution? Bags and wallets. They come sans-size, and every guy needs gear to carry his daily essentials, whether he lugs his life around with him or travels light.

Still feeling skittish on sizing? Go for the neck. (Well, protecting it at least.) Scarves keep you warm, they can add a punch of color to the typically drab days of winter, and they’re one size fits all. Hard to think of a gift that’s so easy and so sure to please at once. Hell, we’d go so far as to call ‘em essential.

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