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Surveying the next seven days with Gilt MAN Fashion Advisor Nick Wooster.

Every week, we sit down with in-house style expert and all-around dapper gent Nick Wooster to take a look at what’s on the horizon and call out a few favorites. Here, his take on the cream of the crop for the days ahead.

Brad Goreski for Gilt MAN — Monday, 1/9, noon ET
“Not only does Brad have episode two of his new TV show airing Monday evening, he’s got a curated sale with us the same day. I, for one, am very curious to see what he’s pulled together for it. And remember: Monday’s episode features Gilt MAN, so look out for us on the air at 10/9c on Bravo.”

Dita Eyewear — Tuesday, 1/10, noon ET
“Dita is truly one of the finest eyewear makers out there. They also craft frames for Thom Browne and Visvim, but the in-house Dita line has an amazing range of styles and materials, so you’re bound to find a great frame for any face.”

Must Have Winter Boots — Wednesday, 1/11, noon ET
“Now that the weather has finally turned, I think the smartest purchase you can make all season would be a great boot that can stand up to the elements. Personally, I’m jonesing for the Sorel Caribou Reserve on offer in this sale.”

Luigi Bianchi Mantova — Thursday, 1/12, noon ET
“There’s two schools of thought in tailored clothing. One is super tailored and super constructed—à la Tom Ford—but the other side, and one that a lot of guys can relate to, is a natural shouldered garment. For me, a perfectly tailored, minimally constructed suit looks good on every body type, and it’s the kind of suit you’ll want to have for seasons to come.”

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