From Tank to Timepiece

The story behind Arnold Schwarzenegger's distinctive watch design.

Today on Gilt MAN, we’re selling a watch designed to commemorate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s two terms as 38th Governor of California, with all of the profits going to support the charity After-School All-Stars, which provides daily comprehensive after-school programs to nearly 81,000 children for free. Reason enough to head on over to the site and pick up one of the limited-edition creations for yourself.

But if you’re looking for another way to talk up your new timepiece at your next dinner party, consider this: Well before Schwarzenegger was governing, Terminating, or dropping bad guys off cliffs like a boss in Commando, he was serving his two years of compulsory service in the Austrian military behind the controls of a US-made M47 tank.

He completed his service in 1966, but nearly 30 years later, in 1992, he decided to track down his old vehicle. Not another M47, mind you, but the exact tank he drove from ’65 to ’66. And he found it, buried up to the turret on the Austrian-Hungarian border. After extensive restoration—and, presumably, digging—he was back in the driver’s seat, this time on US soil. And upon looking at the instrument gauges on the control panel, he got the idea in his head to use those gauges as a model for a watch with all the heft and attitude of his new toy. In 2010, that vision became reality in the form of a timepiece that boasts nearly 11 ounces of steel, a burly leather strap, and a precise Japanese movement. The name of this impressive timekeeper? The A.S. M47-331. “M47” for the model, and “331” for the serial number, of Arnold’s actual tank.

We’ve got three styles on offer: A tan-and-black version with the Austrian Army symbol on the face, a blacked-out iteration with a simple “USA” stamp, and a third version, which is signed by Arnold himself and comes complete with a $1,000 Daniel Marshall humidor, 10 A.S. Signature Dominican cigars, and a signed photo of Schwarzenegger with the tank that inspired it all. Across all the styles, the production run is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide.

Remember, whichever you choose, the profits benefit After-School All-Stars and their mission to keep at-risk kids engaged with rewarding activities that will help them succeed in school and life. Like we said before: reason enough to get a watch.

But the back story you’ll get to tell all your friends is a nice bonus.

Get the A.S. M47-331 Military Tank Watch now, on Gilt MAN.


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