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Our top editor offers 5 tips and techniques for buying for your guy this Father’s Day.

When you ask a man what he wants for Father’s Day, there’s really only one acceptable response: “Absolutely nothing—except, of course, for your continued love and ongoing awesomeness as a life partner and co-parent to our children.”

Now, what you may or may not know is that this is man-code for “Can you believe how thoughtful and considerate I am for pretending not to want anything for Father’s Day?! Surely someone possessed of such qualities deserves a gift of uncommon rarity, stylishness, and expense.”

Well, thanks to the magic of Gilt, we are able to help you fulfill the previous two qualities, without worrying about the third—i.e., amazing stuff at incredible prices. Check out the sale I helped curate for some gift ideas for stylish guys. But before you do, here are a few tips and techniques for finding the right gift for the dad in your life this Father’s Day.

1. Give him an upgrade.
He’s a dad, which probably means he’s used to skimping on things for himself so you and the kids can have the best. Father’s Day is his turn to have something nice for its own sake. Start with something you know he needs—a belt, a wallet, or a pair of sunglasses—and surprise him with a much more luxurious version that he’d never buy for himself.

2. Start with what he likes (but don’t end there)
Forget what you see in magazines or on TV—no man really wants an overnight style makeover. We like to evolve more gradually. But Father’s Day is a prime chance to introduce a stealth dose of style into your man’s repertoire. Think: a slim knit tie, or a pair of stylish loafers or sunglasses.

3. Know your talking points.
As you probably know, we men like to research our purchases. And when he finds you’ve done the same before buying, it’ll make the gift all the more special. So check out the tech specs in the “description” page and repeat a few when he’s opening the gift.

4. “Gifty” ain’t always nifty.
You know that section of your local department store, where they sell those combination travel pillow/tire pumps or flashlight/bagel slicers? There’s a reason they only trot that stuff out before Father’s Day: no man in his right mind would ever buy them for himself. So follow his lead and stick to things that are well made and have a single, legitimate use. Case in point: knives from Zwilling J.A. Henckels or an Auerhahn by WMF wine set.

5. Help him stay on time.
Is the man in your life always running late? Simple: Buy him a vintage watch from our sale, starting Tuesday, May 29, and he’ll no longer have an excuse.

Tyler’s Picks: Cool Gifts for Well-Dressed Dads, on sale May 29th at noon ET, on Gilt MAN.

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