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Why So Serious?

Today on Gilt MAN, two ways to keep your sense of humor intact this summer.

Sure, there’s room for rules when it comes to men’s style—seriously, please stop buttoning that bottom button on your sportcoat—but we’ve always believed that there’s room for levity as well. Case in point: two of the sales on Gilt MAN today, from Happy Socks and Paul Smith.

We’ve always been proponents of the bold sock. It lets you stand out (especially when you’re sitting down, and your trousers ride up your calf). And the Swedish label is spot-on when it comes to execution, with everything from bold stripes to microdots in their arsenal of adventurous patterns. Plus, a little something extra at the ankle lets you show some personality without piling on the layers, which is crucial when the warmer weather rolls in.

As for Paul Smith? Well, the British label is one of the most highly regarded menswear brands out there for a reason: Sir Paul knows exactly how to balance sartorial elegance with irreverence. Think dress shirts with a contrast gingham panels, or pocket squares in unapologetic neons—just the sort of clothing and accessories that pair well with a cool drink and an easygoing attitude. If that’s not a perfect match for the summertime, well, we don’t know what is.

Shop Happy Socks and Paul Smith, on sale now on Gilt MAN.

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