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Editor’s Picks: Hoyle Jackson

Checking in with our favorites from the L.A.-based denim specialists.

There was a time, not so far off in the rearview, when the States were the undisputed champions of workwear and denim.  But somewhere between WWII and Y2K, artful Americana imitators from overseas (we’re looking at you, Japan) took the title. Luckily, the tide has turned in recent years, and now homegrown companies like L.A.’s Hoyle Jackson are creating rugged, durable (and stylish) jeans, shirts, and chinos that can hang tough with the best of ‘em.

Which is exactly why I’m so excited to see the brand on Gilt MAN for the first time today, and exactly why I felt there was no better time to highlight a few personal favorites from our offerings—from the line’s slim-cut chinos in heavy cotton twill, to a chambray shirt (complete with selvage detailing) that’s pretty much tailor-made to pair with them. And should you opt to match it up with a pair of perfectly lived-in jeans instead? Well, there’s no arguing with that (plus, you get the whole “double-selvage” thing going for you).

Check out those picks, plus a whole lot more from Hoyle Jackson, on Gilt Man now.

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