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Get Suited and Booted

Whether you opt for something sleek and mod or classically informed, it's a great way to punch up that standby two-button.

It’s a simple move, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. And trust us: If you’ve yet to embrace the whole suits and boots combination, well, you’re missing out. Try it like you see here—with a pair of wingtip lace-ups and a Glen plaid suit—for a look that takes its cues from the English countryside, and feel free to add some extra heft with a cuff on the trousers. Or, bring it back to the city, but keep it Angl0-inspired, with a solid suit and sleek Chelsea boots. Whichever way you play it, just be sure your trousers are hemmed to the right break (read: little-to-none). You didn’t bust out the boots just to have them obscured by a bunch of pooling fabric.

Lay the foundation for the look with a pair of Grenson boots, and pick up the perfect suit from Martin Greenfield and finish things off in top form.

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