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The story of Bally is, in essence, a story of pairs. And no, we’re not talking about shoes, here (well, not exclusively). Mostly, we’re talking about people. Founded by brothers…

Brands You Should Know


The time-honored Swiss label has been churning out sleek, modern looks since it started in 1851.

To mark the first installment of a new series of Buyer’s Picks sales, we’re shining a little light on Julia Liu, the lady behind today’s stylish assortment of clothes, accessories,…

Meet the Buyers

Julia Liu

The NY-born buyer tells us what makes her tick—and how she thinks a guy should dress.

Willowdale, Ontario, outside of Toronto, isn’t exactly a hotbed of fashion. But nevertheless, that’s where the story of Dean and Dan Caten—the Canadian twin brothers behind DSquared—begins. Fascinated by clothing…

Brands You Should Know


High-octane clothing and accessories with no short supply of attitude.