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Five indispensable tips for tailgating in style.

1) Dress in layers. The weather is notoriously finicky this time of year, and you’re about to commit yourself to standing outside, unprotected from the elements, for a good three hours. Make sure you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature can throw at you, whether it’s a sudden shower or precariously plunging temperatures. If things heat up, you can always shed a couple items to stay cool.

2) Make sure your stuff is machine washable. You will, at some point, find yourself forced to use your pants as a napkin after some rogue mustard makes its way onto your hand. Which is no big deal, so long as you can wash ‘em afterward. Also, someone will spill beer on you. Trust us.

3) Pockets are a good thing. Speaking of beer, you’ll need a place to stash a couple of cans in a pinch. That’s where pockets come in—the more (and the bigger), the better. Wear a field jacket and a pair of cargo pants, and you’re basically a walking six-pack.

4) Your clothing should be loose enough for you to demonstrate how to throw the perfect spiral. Same goes for a proper punt. This is a casual affair, so that impeccably tailored sportcoat is best saved for a more appropriate occasion. Remember, though, that comfortable doesn’t mean baggy. Leave the oversized jerseys to the other guys—you’re better than that.

5) Wear comfortable shoes. This should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway. You’re going to be standing around for hours—your footwear should be up to the task.

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