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Finally, a solution to the ultimate style dilemma: How to dress for a day spent watching football.

You’ve been in this situation before. There’s an hour till kickoff, a good sixer chilling in the fridge, and about thirty minutes left before you need to take off for your buddy’s place. Now you need to get dressed. Not exactly the most daunting mission, but one that requires a few careful calibrations to match your look to the occasion. Here, a few things to keep in mind before you immerse yourself in a well-spent afternoon of friends and football.

1. Spills are inevitable. But khakis do an amazing job of concealing errant IPA (and of course dark jeans will hide just about everything).

2. The pockets on cargo pants are great for keeping your phone and wallet from ending up between your friend’s couch cushions. Because the last thing you want to do is root around down there.

3. And another note on couches: The most comfortable ones are low slung and deep. Make sure you’re for a proper lounging session and wear pants that are relaxed enough that you can sink in, kick back, and maybe even cross your legs once in a while.

4. It’s pretty much a given that you’ll run out of napkins at some point in the third quarter. Luckily, dark socks make a great alternate option.

5. You’re going to be kicking your feet up the coffee table. Your shoes should be stylish enough to deserve a place on that pedestal.

6. An oversized polyester jersey isn’t the only way to show your team colors. A sport shirt or sweater works just as well — and does a much better job of making the transition from game day to night on the town.

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