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The Gilt MAN Q&A: Pro Skaters Mike Carroll and Kenny Anderson

The pro skaters — and Girl Skateboard Co. founders — give us the lowdown on their exclusive partnership with Product (RED) and Gilt.

Mike Carroll and Kenny Anderson. These guys have a point.

This holiday season, Gilt has teamed up with (RED)TM to offer an exclusive selection of (PRODUCT)RED items, including specially made boards from legendary LA skate brand, Girl.  Two of the brand’s most renowned pro skaters, Kenny Anderson and co-founder Mike Carroll, spoke with Gilt about their boards, their beliefs, and what it means to be a part of Team Girl.

You two have had amazing careers.  What are some highlights?
Mike Carroll: I’ve never actually answered a question like this…Maybe these aren’t career highlights but they are things that skateboarding has allowed me to be apart of: Turning pro at the age of 14, starting Girl with an awesome group of friends at the age of 18, Thrasher magazine’s Skater of the Year in 1994 at the age of 19, starting Lakai Footwear in 1999, partnering up and having my name on a skateboard with (PRODUCT)RED, and finally still hanging out with those same awesome friends that we started Girl with.

Kenny Anderson: Traveling the world with my friends and truly experiencing life.

Tell us about Girl as a skateboarding brand.
Mike Carroll: I co-founded the brand in 1993 with Rick Howard, Spike Jonze, and Megan Baltimore. At that time, we felt we might be able to do a skateboard company in a more sincere way. After twenty years, the vision and attitude of everyone at Girl is what keeps me so inspired. From the art department to the skateboarders to everyone one the warehouse, it’s a group of people that appreciate life and love skateboarding.

Kenny Anderson: They represent skateboarding the way I feel it actually is. A lot of fun, comedy, art and family.

What do you see as the chief benefits of Girl’s involvement with (RED)?
Kenny Anderson: To bring awareness to the future generation. The culture of skateboarding is so much bigger than just skateboarders. The more people who are aware, the more opportunity for change.

Mike Carroll: One of the things that most attracted us to (RED), besides the end result of saving lives, was simplifying the process of making a donation to a cause. I’d like to think that we help kids realize they are making the donation to help fight AIDS when they buy a (PRODUCT)RED board with us.

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