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The Keys to Classy Casual

Six tips for mastering the transition from dressed up to dressed down—and back.

It’s Saturday morning, 11am.  You’re meeting your significant other for brunch in twenty minutes.  The restaurant can be crowded, you may have to wait outside; they might be bringing their friend/boss/enemy from work; after you’re going to the movies and later on you’re meeting friends for drinks.  What do you wear?

Relax, our hungry and possibly just-ever-so-slightly-hungover friend, we are here to help.

With the right combinations and some very limited change-of-dress (add a tie here; remove a hoodie there), you’ve got the makings of a look that’ll have you looking sharp—in comfort—all weekend long. A few tips:

The blazer is your best friend.
Whether you wear one to work, get yourself a casual version for the weekend. The pockets are great for a Saturday afternoon on the go, and slide a button-down and maybe even a tie under there and you’re just one layer away from semi-formality.

Figure out the best jeans and shoe combo.
To wit: Slim denim from Levi’s, plus a pair of chukkas from Maurizi or Hush Puppies, offer the perfect blend style, comfort and versatility.

Tie one on.
You know what fits super easily into your blazer pocket? A tie. Ready and willing to dress up your sportshirt at a moment’s notice in case a casual brunch transitions to an afternoon on the go to a nice dinner out.

Choose your jeans wisely.
Slim, dark denim from Levi’s toe the line between relaxed and dressed up, especially when paired with a blazer from Abito.

Dressing down? Skip the collar.
Good news for all you guys who like to keep things on the casual side: The crew-neck-tee-and-tailored jacket look has come a long way since the days of Sonny Crockett.

Go ahead, order the Western Omelet. But skip the home fries.
Let’s face it: slim-fitting jeans look best on a slim guy.

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