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Toast the New Year in Style

...with the help of three stylish guys that have made their names as hosts to New York City's best parties

Let’s face it, sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. So, we brought together three of New York City’s finest hosts, who by day seem like ordinary hustlin’ New Yorkers, but by night become partying aficionados. Get to know them and heed their very seasoned expert advice for a holiday season that will trump all the rest. And when you’re done? Head over to Gilt MAN to find all the stylish wares you need to stand out from the pack.

Steven Rojas
Director of social media for Grandlife Hotels

Steven Rojas

In addition to spearheading the Grandlife Hotels’ ever-expanding social media footprint, Rojas is one of NYC’s top party hosts and DJs. And it’s not just NYC: The “This Is New York” parties he co-hosts at events like Paris Fashion Week and Art Basel Miami are must-hit events for the fashion crowd. Rojas’s advice for creating a great party vibe?

“A fully stocked bar with Walid Almaaz making the perfect gin martinis, music played by my favorite DJ and friend, Mike Nouveau, a warm, cozy [venue], and [most] importantly surrounded by my friends and good conversation.”

Ian Bradley
Freelance Stylist, Doorman – Le Bain at the Standard Hotel

Ian Bradley

After growing up in the ‘burbs of D.C., Bradley has been living in NYC for the last 8 years. By day he’s “schlepping clothes around the city” as a freelance fashion stylist, by night he’s playing gatekeeper at Le Bain at the Standard Hotel. He’s seen it all manning the door at one of NYC’s most popular clubs, so how can you set yourself apart from the boys?

“I’ve noticed that guys think if they just put on a button-down shirt, they think that makes the look dressed up or stylish. Unless it’s a good fit, it can mostly look sloppy and/or boring. A well-fitting sweater and a blazer can go a long way.”

Euan Rellie
Managing Partner, Business Development Asia; inveterate fashion dinner host

Euan Rellie

Though many refuse to believe it, Euan Rellie does actually have a day job aside from getting his picture taken at parties and being quoted in Page Six: He runs a successful boutique investment bank, which has offices in New York, London, and all throughout Asia. But — let’s face it — in New York, he’s best known as the guy who fashion brands tap to host a dinner when they want the right people to come (and you know, to get themselves quoted in Page Six). How does he do it?

“If everyone else is dressing up, dress down just a bit. Crooked tie. Maybe sneakers. Shirt untucked. But not all of those. If everyone is going to be casual, wear a great suit. On pain of death: DO NOT BLEND IN.”

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