Gilt MAN Finds

The Ultimate Collection

Just in time for the holidays, we asked vintage watch guru Ben Clymer to curate the ultimate collection. Here’s what he came back with — plus a little background on what makes each timepiece so special.


Finding the perfect holiday gift for a guy (or yourself) just got a whole lot easier, thanks to our friend Ben Clymer, founder and executive editor of the watch blog To celebrate the season, we asked Mr. Clymer to assemble a collection of timepieces that embody the best the vintage market has to offer. We’re pleased to report that—as usual—he knocked it out of the park. The watches here aren’t cheap, per se, but they are special, from the Speedmaster with the 2310 movement to the extremely rare, and extremely collectible, Paul Newman Daytona. To give you a sense of just what makes each of these watches so special, Ben was kind enough to offer some insight into each. Click through the slideshow for more, and then get yourself over to the sale. These are unlikely to last long.

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