Gilt MAN x Samsung Galaxy

Fashion Week Sketches: John Jannuzzi

The author himself, drawn on the Samsung Galaxy Note II

During NYFW, there’s an urge to flex your sartorial muscle. When you get ready in the morning, you suddenly start thinking about random combinations of clothing you’d never thought possible. But, like a sample sale, that’s your mind playing tricks on you. I can’t think of anything moreĀ embarrassingĀ than being labeled a peacock outside a show or in a crowd. My eyes reflex roll the moment a dude walks by in some clown like get-up and I know I’m not the only one. So gentlemen, I stress to you the importance of your uniform. Find what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you feel easy and natural and grab hold with all your strength. Personally, I roll with a grey sweater, jeans and a bomber jacket. It may not attract a lens, but if I did anything else I’d feel unnatural. The thing that brings it all together in the end is how you carry it. Carry it well.

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