Drawn on the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Watching Patrik Ervell’s show makes me think I want to live in some post-apocalyptic world; or walk around like the world has ended but I still look really good. That’s just the way he likes to set the mood. But if the world were to come crumbling to an end and I had to choose one piece from his collection to take with me to the next life, it would be this blue trucker. The color is a clean take on the denim jacket everybody has, and this hue and shape have sort of become a trademark of his. For what it’s worth, it was a close tie between this and the white quilted sweatshirt. One final note: the finale walk was to “Montagues & Capulets” from the ballet Romeo & Juliet. Try walking around to that and tell me you don’t feel like a boss. Yes, ballet, do it.


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