Drawn on the Samsung Galaxy Note II

We haven’t had a snowy Fashion Week in a few years. In fact, last year had some near spring-like days. But as it stands, New York is about to get slammed by two storm systems that will combine in an effort to destroy the world of fashion forever. (I’m sure L.A. has something to do with this.) Given the weather conditions lately, living in the northeast has required us to be prepared on all fronts, most especially the sartorial. Thankfully, yesterday at Todd Snyder included plenty of options to keep you warm through the ice, sleet and snow. The winner was a fur-collared coat, worn with burgundy pants. I get it, fur is a lot to handle at first. But I’m telling you there’s nothing better to keep you warm; and if you wear it well you’ll look like a boss. Because as they say — “Winter is coming.”

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