Traditional Fit (L), New Slim Fit (R)

One of the great pleasures of working at Gilt is the chance to collaborate with legends like master tailor Martin Greenfield, who’s been making suits out of the same Brooklyn facility for more than half a century (more on that here). In addition to his work making top-quality tailored pieces for labels like Band of Outsiders and Rag & Bone, Greenfield makes custom suits for countless captains of industry, finance, and government (including Mayor Bloomberg and a certain resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue). Martin and his team also produce an exclusive line of fully-canvased suits and sportcoats, plus Nicky Thompson-worthy outerwear, for Gilt MAN. And two-plus years into the relationship, we decided it was time to give the signature Gilt x Greenfield silhouette an update.

Here’s what we did: For the Traditional Fit (above left), we trimmed the length by a half-inch, and narrowed the shoulder slightly (by 1/4″), for a look that’s equal parts  traditional and modern. Then, we decided to create a new look (above right) that is shorter and slimmer still—more Band than Brooks, if you get my drift. It’s definitely not your father’s suit. We softened the shoulder, narrowed the shoulder point-to-point by a half-inch, slimmed down the lapel and sleeve, and trimmed the length by a full inch. The result is as modern as anything you see on the runway, but made — in Brooklyn! — with the same attention to detail and craft as any Greenfield piece.

Find out more — and shop the new silhouettes — on Gilt MAN >

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