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Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, Fall '13

What can you say about Mark McNairy’s Autumn/Winter 2013 New Amsterdam collection? The majority of the pieces were dripping in the sort of irreverence that only McNasty can achieve without seeming like he just doesn’t give a f*ck. And who knows maybe some part of him doesn’t, but that’s precisely what makes his collections exciting and different — we’re not mad at it. Stand-outs included the pieces above: the forest camo suit with contrasting navy lapels, the brilliant burnt orange nylon trench (which you may remember we saw at Capsule), and a curious purple-printed gray wool sportcoat.

And yet with all the menswear goodness that was going up and down the runway, everyone had the same question on their mind — what would be this year’s Danny Brown moment? They didn’t have to wait long to find out. McNairy screenprinted “TUPPERWARE 13″ onto the back of a flannel shirt straight up parodying Pyrex Vision (a brand by Virgil Ablog, Kanye West’s Creative Director), which recently created an internet brouhaha by charging $550 for a screenprinted “PYREX 23″ Rugby (RIP) flannel. Chuckles were heard up and down the runway as the model strutted towards backstage, as most of those in attendance were well aware of the burn. It was quintessential McNairy being McNairy.

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