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Round Midnight

The point of a tux, the tyranny of taste, and the one style you need right now.

Honestly, could the man look any sharper?

Around here, we occasionally find it useful to remind guys why the tuxedo exists. Basically, it’s a sartorial straight jacket designed to keep guys’ flamboyance in check, giving the ladies room to strut their stuff—at the opera, over dinner at Downton, or on the red carpet outside Dolby Theater. It’s fun advice to give, but—I gotta admit—it can turn the red carpet into a bit of a yawn when — as happened last night — virtually everyone actually follows it. Call it a victory for good taste (and guys who write Gilt MAN Essentials about tuxedos), if not morning-after critics looking for something, anything (QT’s leather tie! OMG, dudes with long hair!) to call out in their captions. While I’m psyched that gents like Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel Jackson continue to flout convention with their getups, I’ll take a red carpet brimming with men in well cut tuxes and (mostly) well tied bow ties over what Tim Robbins was wearing in the 90s.

So what’s this all mean for you? Simple: If you don’t have one already, it’s time to start thinking about getting yourself a tux. And, what with our habit of offering great brands at even better prices, there’s no better place than Gilt. Click here to see what we’ve currently got—or keep an eye out for our next Martin Greenfield sale, which features a killer midnight blue dinner jacket with shawl-collar lapels. It’s a truly timeless combination that—as we saw last night—also happens to be the look of the moment. Want a more thorough red carpet recap? Our pals at and will do you right.


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