Gilt MAN x Samsung Galaxy

Celebrating the Men of #Menswear

We teamed up with Soho House New York and Samsung Mobile to kick off New York Fashion Week and to celebrate the next generation of men’s style influencers. Here’s our report from the front lines.

If there’s anything the men of #menswear enjoy as much as clothes, it’s good food, strong drink — and taking pictures with mobile devices. With some help from Soho House New York and Samsung Mobile, we were three for three last night, as we hosted a dinner for NYC’s top menswear writers and bloggers to kick off New York Fashion Week.

As cocktails were served, Samsung’s White Glove experts (side note: due to touchscreen considerations, no white gloves were actually involved) were on hand to showcase the many talents of the Galaxy Note II. Phones, which each attendee got to take with them, came preloaded with apps like Instagram for the selfies, Uber for the impatient cab hailers, and Gilt’s own app for, well, everyone. Gents immediately put the phones to good use, documenting the evening on Twitter (check out #thenextbigthing for evidence).

Guests polished off their family style dinner (highlights included roasted chestnut soup, red snapper, porcini gnocchi), and then, with stomachs sated and livers fully exercised, the guests grabbed their Galaxy Note II’s and headed off into the night, to grab a few hours of much needed sleep—something that will no doubt soon be in short supply as Fashion Week picks up.

A big thanks to the team at Soho House and Samsung Mobile for partnering with us on the event, and be sure to check back every day for exclusive coverage of the Fashion Week scene — powered by the Samsung Galaxy Note II — from William Yan, Yale Breslin, John Jannuzzi, Steven Rojas, and Travis Gumbs and Josh Kissi of Street Etiquette.

Click below for a slideshow of pics from the evening.

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