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Shore Leave Espadrilles

I can’t stand the weather in New York City. I want, nay, I need Mother Nature to make up her mind already. I’m ready for T-shirts and chinos, no socks, and margaritas on the rooftop of my favorite bar. Until then, I’ll revel in my warm thoughts fueled by the great selection of espadrilles in today’s Shore Leave sale. Why? Because nothing says “I just came back from the warm, beautiful beaches of Barthehlona” more like a pair of these Catalan-inspired slip-ons. The striped pair are my personal favorite of the lot and at $49, there’s no reason not to buy at least a couple to throw into your warm-weather rotation. Just make sure to make up some story about a how a beautiful Spanish girl made these especially for you as thanks for a romantic evening. Or feel free to use that one.

Shop Shore Leave on Gilt today >>>

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