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Filson Original Briefcase Bag

By the time I got my second job in NYC, I had been lusting over Filson’s Original Briefcase for some time. Its rugged versatility and timeless design made it easily one of the best commuter bags out there. And before you start doubting my enthusiasm, rest assured — I own one of these babies and it’s the real deal. Made of sturdy canvas with a leather reinforced zipper, the bag splits in two inside, the back half allowing enough space for a laptop. My 15″ MacBook Pro fits — although admittedly a bit tight — with space to spare for my glasses, notebook, iPad, etc.. A briefcase and a laptop bag? You can’t beat that. Through rain, snow, and what has so far been hundreds of subway trips, this bag has kept my gear protected and dry. When it comes down to it, this do-it-all briefcase from Filson hasn’t failed me yet. If you ask me (and you are, aren’t you?), it’s money well spent.

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