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How a Pair of Pants Should Fit

The art of pants that fit and more trouser knowledge, dropped.

Get on that squat rack or just grab a pair of Docker's Alpha Khakis

Welcome to our new Gilt MANual advice column, in which our top editor, Tyler Thoreson, tackles the most important style dilemmas of our age (or at least his favorite questions from the [email protected] inbox…).

Can you explain how a pair of pants should fit? I have some that seem nice and fitted from about the knee down but have some bagginess up in the thigh and seat. It seems that no matter where I go they are all off. Some are just the opposite of what I described. I’m talking jeans, chinos, suit pants, etc.

The obvious solution here is a strict regimen of leg lunges complemented by daily Buns of Steel workouts. But, yeah, I suppose you could also just try to find pants that are tailored to fit your slimmer build. In terms of specific brands, try GANT (both main line and Rugger). Founded in 1949 in New Haven, the label is now owned and designed by a talented crew of folks in Stockholm. In my experience Swedes tend to design pants that are cut slimmer in the thigh and rear—and as a half-Swede with skinny thighs and a non-existent rear end, I know of what I speak. Other options I’d recommend: Dockers Alpha Khakis and Scout Cargos, and chinos from Band of Outsiders, available this Thursday at noon ET. As for denim, look out for our Denim By Fit sale this coming Friday.

If I just want to wear searsucker pants to watch the ponies run at Keeneland, what are my options for shoes/belt and shirt?

A nice white oxford will look great with whatever shade of seersucker you choose, but if you want something a bit more resistant to the odd beer or mustard stain, try a color (like yellow). I’d recommend a pair of suede shoes, whether loafers or lace-ups. Suede might as well be the official material of spring 2013, and you’ll find a smart assortment of options on Gilt this coming Friday. As for belts, try something with a little color, whether cotton, finished leather, or suede. Matching is highly overrated, especially in spring.


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