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The Rules of Hoops-Watching Style

Louisville fan.

Last fall, we gave you the scoop on how to dress sharp while watching pigskin — but not so sharp you get called out for bringing Champagne to a beer party. As March Madness rolls around, we’ve updated that advice for a new season and a new sport (that would be basketball, for those non-hoops fans who somehow found their way here). We’ll leave any further ado to Vitale, Bilas, and their ilk, and get right down to it. Herewith, four simple steps for mastering the art of game day style.

1. You’ll be sitting on the couch, or maybe a barstool. You want pants that are comfortable. If slim-fitting denim is your normal go-to, now’s the time to reach for a relatively roomier pair of chinos or cargos.

2. Speaking of cargos, those side pockets are a great place to stow your wallet lest it end up buried between your friend’s couch cushions. Because the last thing you want to do is root around down there.

3. You’re going to be kicking your feet up the coffee table. Your shoes should be stylish enough to deserve a place on that pedestal.

4. An oversized jersey of indeterminate synthetic origin isn’t the only way to show your team colors. A sport shirt, tee, polo, or sweater will work just as well — and will do a much better job of making the transition from game day to night on the town.

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