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The Kooples

Get the full story on the cult French brand's rising popularity here in the states and the impetus behind their self-described "Neo-Dandy" look.

If “The Kooples” sounds like a 70’s rock band that might’ve opened for The Who, that’s no accident: The Paris-based label is all about rock ‘n’ roll. The name is meant to evoke the bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s and in 2011 The Kooples launched a capsule collection with a slightly less retro rocker: hard-living former Libertines front man Pete Doherty. (Check out the “Records” page on the official site, and you’ll a find a smartly curated collection of songs and bands that capture the Kooples vibe).

Founded 2008 in Paris by three brothers — Alexandre, Laurent, and Raphael Elicha — The Kooples quickly gained a serious following in Europe, and has become a cult brand here in the States, helped along by gender-bending ad campaigns featuring impossibly stylish, real-life couples.

As for the clothes? Think sleek, smart separates made with a Savile Row-worthy precision—which makes sense, given that the Kooples look was developed in conjunction with Patrick Grant and his team at Norton & Sons. Basically, the brothers send a drawing or an idea to Grant and his team. From there, the tailors interpret the idea through their Savile Row lens, eventually sending a sample back to The Kooples to put it into production. The Elicha brothers refer to their signature look — think tailored fit, narrow sleeves, and snug shoulders — as “neo-dandy.” We might amend that along the lines of “Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi meets Harvard in the ‘60s by way of the Marais.” However you describe it, there’s one thing virtually everyone agrees on: These guys rock.

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