Unlike a Rhinestone Cowboy

Lyle Lovett creates a line of shirts for Hamilton that are cowboy-inspired — not cowboy costume.
Photo: Gail Rubin

Lyle Lovett plus some guy.

To talk style with Lyle Lovett is to get a clinic in the art of understated country cool. (Yes, there’s such thing as understated country cool, thanks largely to Mr. Lovett himself.) Black Prada suits have been a Lovett signature for the past 15 years, and now the country legend has  a signature shirt to go with the sleek Italian tailoring. For fall ’13, Lovett has teamed up with the fine folks at Hamilton in Houston to create a line of slim-fitting, impeccably crafted, and subtly Western-inspired shirts that look equally great with jeans and, yep, a Prada suit. “I like Western styling that you can wear for dress, the idea of a Western shirt that’s not costume-y,” Lovett says, and that’s just what he, along with fourth generation shirtmakers Kelly and David Hamilton, have developed. Not that everything in Lovett’s sartorial repertoire is a study in understatement. Check out Lyle’s killer custom boots, by Lee Miller of Texas Traditions in Austin. After all, the man plays a guitar on stage for a living, so he’s gotta have a little flash.

Gilt Man Essential No. 101

Arriving back at the office, I realized that I’d spent too much time rapping with Lyle and not enough time focusing on journalistic duties such as, oh, I don’t know… taking photos of the actual shirts. Which basically means this whole post a total tease. Sorry about that. I promise to update with lookbook pics as soon as I get ‘em. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these boots.




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