Weekend Plans

Alexandra Hirsch, Web Merchant

Our weekly series highlighting what our culturally savvy co-workers do when they're off the clock.

From software engineers to stylists, virtually everyone here isn’t just great at what they do, they’re also incredibly plugged in to what’s going on outside the office. In our ongoing series designed to tap into that knowledge base, here’s what’s on the weekend docket of web merchant Alexandra Hirsch.

“Friday evening I’ll be wining and dining with my lovely lady Emily at the Beatrice Inn, followed by a bit of a rowdy night as friends are visiting from California.

Depending on the weather and my energy levels, on Saturday I’ll drag myself outside for a run on the West Side Highway. The breeze always manages to lift my spirits — the other runners alone are motivation enough to make you feel like you could run the whole island! At night is my good friend’s birthday at B Bar. Hopefully, we’ll wander down Bowery to The Randolph. Their “mixologists” pour a mean bartender’s choice, though I’m partial to anything with whiskey.

Sunday morning we have a big group heading to Gemma. Despite the wait, their outdoor patio is amazing with this spring weather and their polenta fries are to die for. Last but not least, my Sunday night is going to consist of painting my new bedroom and cozying up to a cup of tea while finishing my current read, My Heart Is an Idiot.”




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