Men of Style

Christopher Bastin

The self-proclaimed foodie and creative director of GANT lends some insight into his approach to style and the best meals he's ever had.

Christopher Bastin and his band of merry men (i.e. bloggers)

How would you describe your look?
Tumbled elegance.

How do you dress differently than you did two years ago?
I have more unconstructed blazers now, but apart from that, I’ve been sticking to my guns.

How do you expect to be dressing differently two years from now?
Hopefully I’ll look the same. But since I’m turning 40 this summer, I’ll probably have some kind of mid life crisis, start working out, and think that I look great in suits. Then I’ll realize I don’t, and it’ll be back to the good old me.

What’s one thing every guy should be wearing this season?
An unconstructed jersey blazer.

How about something guys should not be wearing?
Blankets, that thing was over before it even happened. Sometimes I really hate Tumblr.

What’s on your shopping list right now?
A tropical Rollie 5508. Might take a while though.

You’re from Sweden. How does that inform the way you dress?
I’ve been wearing skinny jeans since forever, that’s about it.

What is the best — and worst — style advice you’ve ever received?
I don’t listen to style advice, never have, never will. Except for when my wife tells me to get a haircut, she’s right most of the time.

Which came first – your love of food or your love of style?
Food, hands down. Anyone who claims the opposite is probably very skinny and has no life.

What’s the best meal(s) you’ve ever eaten, and why?
I had a pulled pork sandwich at Rosebowl last year that still lingers with me. Fine dining-wise, I had an 8-course tasting menu at Nobu in Hong Kong when Mr. Matsuhisa himself was cooking — that was pretty awesome. But it’s always the small simple things: a fresh bass caught near the country house, grilled an hour later with some new potatoes, butter and sea salt — hard to beat.

Who do you think should be featured in our Men of Style series?
Bob Melet, but he’ll never do it. He hates the interwebz. So, I’ll say Umit Benan. I’d love to hear what he has to say about the lay of the land, seems like a really cool dude.

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