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Goorin Bros. Da Doyle Baseball Cap

I grew up playing baseball, which means a) I have a penchant for hats and b) feel very at home in a ball cap. It was a rare occasion in the summer when you’d see me without my University of North Carolina snapback on. I wore that thing until my mom threw it away unbeknownst to me. It was a very rough day. But I digress. The point is that you can’t don the same hats you grew up wearing without looking like you’re 15 again. Assuming that’s not your strategy upon getting dressed, you’ll need a ball cap more befitting your age. Enter Goorin Bros. and their Da Doyle baseball cap. Practically logo-less and in a classic 5-panel design, it’s a great way to hold on to a bit of your childhood without, you know, actually looking like a child.

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