Weekend Plans

Mac Huelster, Stylist

The first in a new weekly series highlighting what our culturally savvy co-workers do when they’re off the clock.

One of the best things about working at Gilt? Stumptown coffee! Even better? The level of talent that surrounds you. From software engineers to stylists, virtually everyone here isn’t just great at what they do, they’re also incredibly plugged in to what’s going on outside the office. Here’s the first in a weekly series designed to tap into that knowledge base, and—hopefully—offer our readers a little cultural intel in the process. First up: what’s on the weekend docket of men’s stylist Mac Huelster.

Mac Huelster – Stylist

“On Saturdays, I usually head over to Five Leaves in Greenpoint for a burger or some pancakes. If you ask me, it’s the best bar/cafe in Brooklyn — my home away from home.  After brunch my buddy is having a small get together at Spritzenhaus for his son’s one-year birthday. The place is massive and super wide open, making it the perfect place for a few daytime beers.

On Sunday, I plan on heading into Manhattan for brunch at MUD coffee on 9th street. My good friend James has been running the joint for the past five years. You’ve got to try one of the salads or sandwiches with a pint.  Then I’ll be watching Game of Thrones — great show.”


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