Seemingly overnight it became June and 90 degrees in New York City. As we prepare for what will undoubtedly be another sweltering summer in the Big Apple, we have one thing on our mind: what are we going to drink to beat the aforementioned heat?

Thanks to our last-minute trip to Cannes last week courtesy of the folks at Chivas Regal, we may have found our answer. Scotch may not be the first thing to come to mind for a summer drink, but it’s certainly a heckuva lot more inspired than a $3 PBR (not that there’s anything wrong with that either). Plus, every guy defaults to the triad of liquor and tonics — gin, vodka, and tequila. There’s something to be said for a man who bucks the norm and breaks out his stash of blended scotch to make a drink worth savoring.  While we’re proponents of never tainting your sacred whiskey with anything but a dash of water or a few ice cubes because, you know, it’s manly and what not, suddenly we find ourselves second-guessing those masculine instincts.

With that in mind, we’d like to present to you what Chivas International Brand Ambassador Max Warner is hailing as the “drink of the summer” — the Jay Gatsby. Inspired by the scotch’s connection with old Hollywood (the Rat Pack was known to enjoy the scotch before, during, and after shows) and the premiere of The Great Gatsby, Warner went back to 1927 to find the perfect foundation for a 21st century scotch cocktail — the Blood and Sand. Introduced in 1922, this is the quintessential scotch cocktail. But to make it a bit more of the moment — we were in Cannes after all — Warner subbed out the OJ and sweet vermouth for apple juice and Lillet Rosé, respectively (the French love their Rosé). If you’re looking for a drink that not only will both men and women alike enjoy, but one that conjures up images of linen jackets, white pants, and million-dollar yachts…well, look no further.

Build in a shaker. Pour in an ounce each of apple juice, Chivas 12 year, cherry heering, and Rosé. Fill shaker with ice, cover it, and give it a few hard, vigorous shakes. Pour over ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with a bit of orange peel.


For more on the Chivas Regal in Cannes, head to The Legend of Cannes >>>

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