Friday Tastings: Powers John's Lane Release

Because drinking whiskey is fun, but drinking it with friends is even better, we gathered together some of the folks from around the office, took a few sips of the good stuff, and then had everyone send over their thoughts.

A couple weeks ago we sat down with John Ryan, a formerly retired seventh generation distiller of Powers Irish whiskey. The man donned a brilliant Donegal tweed jacket and spoke eloquently about his family’s Irish whiskey as he took us through each kind. We were lucky enough to obtain one of our favorite whiskey’s of that night, the 12 year John’s Lane Release single pot still whiskey, the “quintessential style of Irish whiskey.” Aimed to be the natural next step in a Jameson drinker’s whiskey evolution (Powers is under the Jameson umbrella), we shared the wealth with our colleagues to get their opinions. So, without further ado, our thoughts.

Gabe Alonso wrote:
A bit of ice or a dash of water really helps open it up. It can be a bit abrasive at first, but the taste is quite full-bodied with hints of vanilla and a lingering oak-y finish.

Matt Cecere wrote:
At first sip, there is a definite spice and warmth that spreads across your entire palate and sets the table for continued enjoyment with every additional swig.  The finish features really nice, full and round chocolate notes.

Blake Kurisu wrote:
The epitome of whiskey.

I don’t know what that means Blake, but I’ll go with it.

Andrew Powell wrote:
Taste is very full with an after taste of honey.

Tyler Thoreson wrote:
Butterscotch. Vanilla. Spice. Dried fruit — in that order.
Would I like another? Yes please.

Kevin Vanasse wrote:
Besides the hint of cereal (honey nut cheerios to be exact) and the smoked meaty aftertaste I discovered,  I did get a strong initial taste of vanilla. Overall, I give it a solid B… and boy does it sting the nostrils.

Good times, great whiskey. Thanks to folks at Powers for the hook up and thanks to these gents for participating. Until next time.

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