Weekend Plans

Jyothi Rao, EVP of Fashion

Our weekly series highlighting what our culturally savvy co-workers do when they're off the clock.

From software engineers to stylists, virtually everyone here isn’t just great at what they do, they’re also incredibly plugged in to what’s going on outside the office. In our ongoing series designed to tap into that knowledge base, here’s what’s on the weekend docket of EVP of Fashion Jyothi Rao.

“Since I have a two-year old daughter, my weekends consist of a mix of family-oriented events, social events with friends, and a little pampering for myself.

Friday evenings I generally entertain at home for a couple of close friends — a great way to unwind from the busy week, exchange war stories, and subject my friends to my amateur culinary experiments!

Saturdays start early with a trip to the Fort Greene Farmer’s Market, then a fun outing or activity for my daughter Lily: this weekend we’re going to the Bronx Zoo. In the afternoon, I escape to the gym and enjoy a quick manicure. In the evening, my husband and I try to catch a movie or theatre/dance performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), followed by a late cocktail and dinner at Walter’s. We love sharing their delicious French dip, as well as having oysters and Manhattans at the bar — it’s a divine meal!

Sunday is errand day — I’ll spend time in the park with Lily and attempt to digest the New York Times (I consider it a huge accomplishment if I can read one Op-Ed uninterrupted!). Later, we’re visiting our artist friends in Bed Stuy to see a slideshow from their trip to Australia.  We’ll end the weekend watching Game of Thrones and Mad Men with friends — a strange but addictive combination.”


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