Weekend Plans

Steve Jacobs, Chief Information Officer

Our weekly series highlighting what our culturally savvy co-workers do when they're off the clock.

A family that selfies together, stays together. (Mr. Jacobs is on the left.)

From software engineers to stylists, virtually everyone here isn’t just great at what they do, they’re also incredibly plugged in to what’s going on outside the office. In our ongoing series designed to tap into that knowledge base, here’s what’s on the weekend docket of Chief Information Officer, Steve Jacobs.

“Before leaving work Friday I’ll order in dinner for the family, likely Blossom DuJour, for some healthy and hearty vegan. Saturday morning my partner and I will take our son Ruben to Whole Foods, where he is the reigning mayor based on the number of people who say hi to him.  We’ll fuse my Italian heritage with my new-found healthy eating by making vegan meatballs from the Moosewood Cookbook.  Mama DeMeo would be proud.

Saturday afternoon we’re headed up to Lake Oscawana where we’ve rented a house with a sandy beach near Fahnestock State Park.  Ruben loves to swim.  Sunday we’ll head up a little farther north to Dia:Beacon to see the contemporary art installations in the old factory space and let Ruben run through the Richard Serra sculptures.  For lunch will head into Beacon to Tito Santana Taqueria for some fresh veggie tacos and horchata.”


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