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The New Rules of Golf Style

Five ways to ensure your links look remains handicap free.

We swear he's smiling on the inside.

Haven’t you heard? Golf is a sport now. And a lot has changed. The classic polo shirts and cardigans donned by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus have morphed into NASA-friendly “technical” apparel (wait, are those collar perforations?) that—too often—values functionality over form. Fortunately for you, there’s still plenty of great gear out there. Shop Callaway on Gilt for plenty of stylishly functional options, but first, a few tips to help you make sure your look is as sound as your game (or better).

1. Keep it Street Legal
If you wouldn’t wear it off the course, you can’t wear it on. That cuts out those all-over, loud patterned prints, semi-flammable-seeming fabrics, and those massive belt buckles too many young pros are wearing these days. If you have to ask, “Is this too Del Boca Vista?” it probably is.

2. Join the Cotton Club
You’ll likely be buying shirts that are made from a blend (cotton and a moisture-wicking synthetic). This is a good thing. But for comfort’s sake, look for a fabric that looks and feels like the real thing.

3. Show Them ‘Bows
If someone tells you to emulate Davis Love III in his heyday, they’re talking about his golf game, not his style. Burn all the golf shirts in your closet that go below your elbow — seriously, 1994 is gone. And while we’re at it, skip the pleats, too.

4. Invest in These…
A pair of slim chinos, a v-neck merino sweater, and a slim-fit polo (like the ones golfers in the ‘60s wore) — these are the foundation of a great golf wardrobe.

5. Casual Fridays… and Sundays
The younger generation that’s invaded the game of late has brought their gear with them, which means it’s not uncommon to see flat-brimmed ballcaps and sneaker-style golf shoes at even the stuffiest of private clubs. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this look, provided you balance it out with the classic items we’ve covered to avoid catching any flak on the first tee.

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