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Hey guys, I’m a college student living in Miami. I recently bought a pair of loafers and I’ve been having some difficulty wearing them casually because of their shine. What can I do? Thanks a ton!

We’ve all been there: you fall in love with an item of clothing that’s unquestionably beautiful but maybe a little fancier than what you’re used to wearing. So you buy it, telling yourself you’ll figure it out when you get home, then once purchased, it sits in your room all beautiful-but-unworn for months on end. Well, my friend, I have a two-part solution for you. First, remember that you wear the clothes, they don’t wear you. So grab the bull by the horns and wear the damn shoes. Kick around in them. Rough ‘em up a little. Show ‘em who’s boss. Second, if they’re shinier than what you’re used to, pair them with non-shiny clothes. Try them with your favorite broken-in jeans, your trusty khakis and either a T-shirt or button-down oxford. Just don’t try and dress your outfit up to match your shoes — they should speak for themselves. It’s summertime, so experiment with no socks, colored socks, cuffed pants, and rolled jeans. Above all else, don’t be intimidated. Wear them around your house until you’re so used to seeing them on your feet, they’re like a favorite old pair of sneakers. Except way, way cooler.

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