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Amar'e Stoudemire

The hoops star and fashion phenom on loafers, overalls, and more — including his surprising pick for best-dressed player in the NBA.
Photos: Tom Schirmacher


Even in today’s fashion-conscious NBA, Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire manages to stand out for his winning and eclectic approach to style. He knows when to mix a well-played pop of color, texture, or pattern into a tailored look, and also when to pull back and play it cool (unlike a few of his more over-the-top contemporaries). We talked to Amar’e about his look, his philosophy of style, and — most importantly — what he does when he’s feeling “rockstar status.”

How would you describe your own look?
My approach is contemporary—I go off what I feel, and I try not to do too much. I make sure it’s clean and classy and it fits my character.

Describe for me how you put a look together for an event like the ESPYs.
It all depends on what type of image I want to portray. If I feel “rockstar status” I’ll throw in a pair of All-Stars with a nice suit, or if I feel more contemporary I’ll throw in a nice tailor-made suit. It all depends on how I feel in the moment. With my style I’m very versatile, so I’m able to mix up a lot of different looks and styles.

How has your style evolved over the past couple years?
It’s more mature. When I started off as a teenager, I was wearing things that teenagers wear, and now that I’m 29, 30 years old I wear a different style now. The older I get, the more my style changes.

Rockstar Status.

How do you expect to be dressing differently two years from now?
I don’t know, man, I hope in another two years I’ll have some overalls on, on my land, being a farmer [laughs]. But it all depends on where I’m at in my career.

Who’s the most stylish man in the NBA these days (present company excluded)?
I like the way Kobe Bryant dresses. It’s very contemporary, very easy. He’s not doing too much. It’s always good to see a little class with fashion.

What’s one thing every guy should be wearing right now?
This summer’s more about loafers. Nice loafers — and a nice watch.

What is the best style advice you’ve ever received?
Be yourself. Don’t try too hard. That’s advice to anyone who’s trying to become stylish. Don’t try too hard — it shows.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten, and why?
My vegan diet is the best. It’s not easy, and I find myself going off and on, but the plant based diet I feel is the healthiest and cleanest way to eat.

Who would you like to see featured as a Man of Style?
David Beckham. I think he should be next.

Great idea. Mind giving him a ring for us?
I’ll send him an email [laughs].

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