Don’t get me wrong, I am not a loud-clothes kinda guy. Today I’m wearing a pale blue button down with seersucker pants, and those vertical blue and white stripes are about as wild as I get. But there’s something about these floral pants by Craft Market that I can’t get out of my head. Yes, they’re multicolored, they’re definitely floral and they’re about as unequivocal an example of the go-to-hell pant genre as you can get, but the fit is so precise that they could easily be incorporated into a pared-back look and allowed to do the talking. To be fair I’d probably wear them exactly like they’re styled in the photo at right, but every now and again I’d want to give the middle finger to tradition and rock them at a formal event with a jacket and tie. Wallflowers be damned — that’s a perk of living in New York City.

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