Weekend Plans

Gabe Alonso

The senior editor-turned-communications manager on how he's planning on kicking back over the next couple days. (Look out for flying golf balls.)

Cannes-do spirit.

From software engineers to stylists, our colleagues at Gilt aren’t just great at what they do — they’re also plugged in on what’s going on outside the office. “Weekend Plans” exists to celebrate that, and hopefully give our readers a little cultural intel in the process. For our latest installment, we tapped Gabe Alonso, who joined Gilt as a men’s senior editor and was recently promoted to communications manager in the marketing department. Gabe may no longer work solely on the men’s team, but as you’ll see, he’s still living the Gilt Man lifestyle…

Fridays in Williamsburg
“It’s been a busy week, so this Friday I’m keeping it laid-back and in my Brooklyn ‘hood. One of my favorite places is Noorman’s Kil, a whiskey bar with some of the best grilled cheeses (my favorite is the salona) I’ve ever tasted. With over 280 whiskies, it’s a little overwhelming at first but the bartenders are well versed in the selection. After that, I’ll do a nightcap at Matt Torrey’s, one of the best, under-the-radar bars in the ‘Burg. To say I go often is an understatement.”

Chelsea Piers
“A few days ago I was having dinner with a friend at Soho House and I had casually mentioned I had never been golfing before. She was shocked. I told her I had played baseball all my life and was never able to adjust my swing. So, obviously that meant we had to go to the range. So I made her a deal — I’ll go to the range at Chelsea Piers if she goes to batting cages. She agreed. Saturday should be interesting.”

The Honorable William Wall
“After the cages, we’ll make our way out to the Honorable William Wall,” Manhattan Sailing Club’s floating clubhouse in the middle of the Hudson. On the weekends, members and non-members alike can hitch a ride on a motorboat for $10 (members ride free) to the clubhouse. There you’ll find a cash bar and incredible views of New Jersey, Ellis Island, downtown Manhattan, and Lady Liberty herself. A word of caution: Get there early, it fills up quickly.”

The Rockaways
“I never made it to the beach over Independence Day weekend, so I’m looking forward to feeling the sand under my feet again. I’m taking the Rockabus, a school bus service that picks folks up from Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. For $15, you get a round-trip to the Rockaways (or Jacob Riis Beach), complete with a music blogger-run playlist and lax drinking-on-the-bus rules (read: you can). You can’t beat that. For lunch, I’ve got to hit up Rockaway Taco. It’s a local favorite and it has some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten.”

Bastille Day at Soho House
“After a day at the beach, I’ll hit the the rooftop at Soho House for their Bastille Day celebration. If it’s anything like their Fourth of July party, I’m looking forward to a themed drink menu, lovely ladies by the pool, and appropriately French music. Should be a great way to end the weekend.”

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