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J.McLaughlin's Braided Leather Belt

The last time I consistently wore a belt as a style statement was in the mid ’90s. It was the heart of the skate-era and I was never without a board or an army surplus web belt —preferably in khaki or olive green — that I allowed to hang with gay abandon around my nether regions. The older, cooler guys who I looked up to wore braided leather belts which hung in similar, languid fashion, and which were far more expensive than the 10 dollar jobs I was rocking. I never did get one of those braided leather belts, so you can imagine how attractive this bad boy by J.McLaughlin looks to me all these years on, despite the fact that my skateboarding days are long gone (along with my desire to allow a belt to flap about near my groin). I’d wear this one with khaki pants and a plain white tee tucked semi-subtly at a precise point above my left front pocket, you know, to show just a sliver of belt.

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