Is wearing white pants for a male normal? Why do I feel weird about it?
Wearing white pants is indeed normal, though unfortunately it’s not all that common. Which is a shame, because when done right, the look can be a key part of a guy’s summer repertoire. And if white chinos feel a bit too Judge Smails for you, ease into the look via a slim-fit pair of white jeans. Still unconvinced? Head on over to Gilt Man Essential #34, in which editor-in-chief Dirk Standen makes an excellent case for the style.

As for why you’re feeling weird about white trousers, could it possibly be because you have a weakness for chili dogs and Merlot? If so, I recommend you stick to shorts. Dark maroon shorts. And running shoes, which you’ll need to burn off all those excess calories.

Do you have a style dilemma we can address (and — who knows — possibly even solve)? Drop us a line at [email protected], or holler at us via the Twitters: @GiltMAN.

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