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Which pairs of trousers can be considered as being smart casual?

The “smart” in smart casual doesn’t really come from one’s choice in trousers. It’s what you do with the rest of your look—your choice of shoes, shirt, blazer, pocket square, ascot. (Okay, maybe not the ascot.) The easiest way to smarten up a causal look is to start with a slim fitting pair of chinos, or (my preference) a pair of five-pocket pants that are made from cotton twill but fit like jeans, then throw in a pair of double-sole wingtips and a casual blazer. For a few extra style I.Q. points, throw a colorful pocket square into the mix, preferably one with some color which will simultaneously add to the dressiness of your look while undercutting its stuffiness. Wait, what’s that you say? You just want a recommendation on a pair of pants? Okay, then. Buy a pair of these.

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